Movie Tech Rocker Dolly

Main features of the Movie Tech Rocker Dolly:

Ultra-lightweight dolly

Designed for unusual solutions

For an extensive range of possible applications

Precisely maneuverable

Repeating steering mechanism

Wide range of accessories

Movie Tech Sprinter Dolly

Main features of the Sprinter Dolly:

Light weight

It is possible to change over the pneumatic wheels to track wheels within seconds without tools

Thanks to the variability of the platform and an appropriate low rig, an extremely low camera position can be realised

Its steering system: With the new front wheel steering the dolly is manouvrable like a car

With the use of the optional "Big Wheel Kit" the sprinter dolly can be converted into a small western dolly                                                                                                                                    

Arco Camera Dolly

Main features of the Arco Dolly:

Brakes on rear wheels

Compact and lightweight for storage and travel

Works on both straight and curved tubular track

Rear controlled steering

Conventional, crab and round steering

Vertical arm travel

Electric pump

Mini Jib Arm

The easy to use Mini Jib Arm well suits for use on a Panther and Magnum Dolly Sprinter