Victory is one of the biggest rental houses in the UAE, the company’s equipment  range vary and fit all needs. Cameras, lighting, grip, sound, power and supportive equipment are tailored to suit customer requirements.

DSR-400 PL Sony Broadcast Professional Camera
Fujinon Standard Lens – A 17X9 BRM 
Sony Monitor 9 Inch 
Batteries 4 & Charger 
Matt Box System 350 
Vinten Tripod System
Sony Z7 HDV camcorder
Sound Kit 
Lighting Kit 
Tripod Sachtler Dv6
The HPX2000
is the first P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorder.  The camera holds up to five P2 cards and offers continuous recording in a total of 17 high definition and standard definition formats, including 24p.
three 2/3″ CCDs 1280×720
ultra-reliable, solid-state recording for superior reliability
1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i and 576i