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500,000 fireworks in 400 different locations, covered by22 live cameras in 6 minutes.

10 months of planning, 3 months of hard work, all captured by us. As six minutes broke a world record and stunned the world for many more minutes, 50 highly skilled, proficient technicians worked tirelessly to send those images to people around the world.

While Dubai set the record for the largest fireworks, We worked behind the scenes intensely for four long months in order to transmit images of that dazzling night sky to television sets in Dubai and the rest of the world.

As many as six helicopters were deployed to shoot the event from aerial locations, while our large camera crew were ready on land to shoot the event. We had five CineFlex with RF cameras units on air, three ENG perched on high buildings facing the venue and one camera at the World Island, plus one camera on the main ceremony venue, the Atlantis.

Preparations were in full swing in advance - as many as three months prior to the event - which included filming the making and setting of the task, including preparation meetings, conferences, fireworks installation, etc.  Workflow for filming from capture to edit to transmission was meticulously laid out, implemented and relayed worldwide via DMI. Starting with live feed to TV stations, followed by edits in the OB unit for worldwide distribution rights after the show, plus editing the entire story after that, our team handled the minutest of details in order to telecast a spectacle that captured the world.